Over the past 48 hours I have proposed this idea to the CEOs


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The left side of the card showed me that the Ross Ice Shelf (and the Ross Sea) comes up for Antarctica way more often than I would have guessed otherwise. “Ice shelf” ended up being one of my strongest quick associations for Antarctica going into the round, and it ended up being just enough information for me to get the answer right. The total value of these questions ($3600 from the last two, plus $2000 from an eventually doubled-up $1000 clue) ended up being $5600, which was just more than my final lead of $5300 going into Final Jeopardy. …


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The emails started coming in 2018, the same year my book So You Want to Talk About Race came out. They would usually arrive after I had posted an article on race or gender, but sometimes they would appear at random. I still remember the first one, which shook me.
“I know you think I should kill myself because I voted for Donald Trump, because I’m white, because I’m a male, so I’m just going to, since that is the only ethical conclusion.”
The email listed the various hardships the sender had endured. Poverty, mental illness, discrimination. But none of that mattered…

Dhananjaya de Silva

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By Miles J. Varn, M.D., Chief Executive Officer at PinnacleCare

There are approximately 16 million adults in the U.S. who are living with major depression, but some statistics suggest that nearly 66% of people living with depression do not actively seek or receive appropriate treatment for their condition. There are a range of reasons people don’t seek treatment, including fear of the social stigma that is sometimes associated with mental health issues, lack of insurance benefits for mental healthcare, and a shortage of mental healthcare providers in a number of areas in the U.S.


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